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The Mixing Bowl | T + Today

The Mixing Bowl

T+ think positive mental mixing bowlWhen you make a cake, you know that whatever you put into the mixing bowl will appear in the cake itself and, on the other hand, that unless a particular substance does go into the mixing bowl, it cannot appear in the finished article.

Everyone realizes this clearly in connection with a material object like a cake, but people often fail to see that the same process applies equally in the realm of mind.  Such, however, is the case.  The thoughts and beliefs that fill our minds ultimately appear in the cake of experience, and to realize this is to save oneself a lot of trouble.  No one puts kerosene in the mixing bowl because no wants it in the cake, for everyone knows that if it does enter the bowl, in the cake it will be.

Keep mental kerosene and other ill-tasting things out of your mental mixing bowl and then your cake will be worth eating. –  Emmet Fox

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