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T + Today | About


T+ is an online spot for positive folks!!!….and you are here so you are one of them!!!

All we do  ♦  Makes us who we are  ♥  Which comes from what we Think.

I’m Todd!!!
I love people!!
Plain and simple.
I love playing music for people, meeting and enjoying the stories of others lives.
Everyone has their own interesting ways they view and interact with the world.

….the way we express ourselves and the way we all tend to hold ourselves back. I learned long along that staying positive about everything is the only way to get the most out of life.

No matter what someone’s condition may be, the power that one has over that condition is their own attitude….and with a positive attitude, conditions always change for the better.

For me, I was put in a wheelchair at an early age, and with a simple change of attitude ..to a positive one that is, my life took a turn and the world turned into such an amazing place!!

Having positive things around you always helps, and that is where T+ comes into to play!

If you keep reminding yourself to be positive… eventually you will … and watch the change it makes in your life!!…you can actually end up surprising yourself!!



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“The Distance of the Rose” 
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